Your pathway home.

The Josephine Transitional Rehabilitation team is committed to helping clients reach for the highest levels of recovery and renewal, working collaboratively in long-standing partnerships with the regional medical community, care providers, and families.

Therapy Services at Josephine Rehab are both restorative and fun, all provided with individualized physician-directed plans of care to move you forward on the road to recovery.

Physical Therapy increases mobility and strength to restore agility and independence. Enhanced therapeutic treatment modalities can include ultrasound, short-wave diathermy, E-stim, hot and cold modalities, massage joint mobilization, and guided use of a well-equipped exercise room. Training is available for use of crutches, canes, walkers, customized and power wheelchairs, and prostheses. Clients also learn how to prevent injury and safely continue recovery at home.

Occupational Therapy prepares clients for the return to home by restoring skills needed in the activities of daily living like dressing, bathing, grooming, meal preparation, and eating. Adaptive equipment may be used to enhance or modify performance in personal care, home management, and work or leisure activities. In a friendly, supportive setting, therapists engage clients in confidence-building as well as skills recovery as they heal and regain independence.

Speech and Swallowing Therapy (VitalStimĀ® Certified) help clients regain the ability to communicate, swallow safely, and develop strategies to improve function. Neurological and cognitive progress including memory rehabilitation after a stroke or other medical conditions are carefully monitored and supported for continued improvement.