The Spiritual Care Department is pleased to announce that we have 4 new chaplains for our 2024 Chaplaincy Training Program: Beth Bryant, Barbara Flatt, Melanie Furniss, and Helen St. Louis. They will join our existing 6 chaplains to ensure that all of our residents who have requested emotional and spiritual support will be visited with prompt, compassionate, and skilled care.

Spiritual care is an open resource to all residents and families and a chaplain visit can be requested by contacting Rev. Eileen Burdick at

Rev. Eileen Burdick
Rev. Eileen Burdick MDiv, BCC - Spiritual Care Director
Eileen has 7 years of experience in clinical chaplaincy, 12 years as a congregational pastor, and 15 years in international business. She is a Board Certified Chaplain endorsed by the national Association of Professional Chaplains and was ordained by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Beth Bryant
Beth BryantChaplain
Greg Fischer
Greg FischerChaplain
Ernie Fosse
Ernie FosseChaplain
Melanie Furniss
Melanie FurnissChaplain
Annette Hollingworth
Annette HollingworthChaplain
Deborah Hubenthal
Deborah Hubenthal Chaplain
Suzanne Lee
Suzanne LeeChaplain
Freda McKeown
Freda McKeownChaplain
Linda Millo
Linda MilloChaplain
Helen St. Louis
Helen St. LouisChaplain