Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Josephine Caring Community provides this information in good faith and for Information purposes only. Every effort has been made to ensure the information is correct; however, Josephine Caring Community does not warrant, covenant, or guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the information. Josephine Caring Community does not assume responsibility nor accept any liability arising from any use other than interpretation. Josephine Caring Community shall not be liable to any person for any error in the information or any claims of any sort that may rise from use of or reliance upon the information by any purpose. The information is proprietary and may not be reproduced without consent from Josephine Caring Community.

Privacy Policy

Josephine Caring Community (JCC) is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information that may be provided while using JCC’s website at www.josephinecc.com (“JCC’s Website”). As part of this commitment, JCC wants you to be fully aware of how we manage that information, what type of information is collected, how that information is used, and when and with whom this information is shared.


This Privacy Policy only covers the practices of JCC, and does not include its local boards, community action networks, nor outside corporations.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Direct Collection of Information

Josephine Caring Community collects information from you in your personal and professional capacity. Information about a business, association or non-profit is not personal information.

Most the information collected is voluntarily provided to JCC when an individual register for programs or services through JCC or participates in a public consultation program.

Josephine Caring Community will collect personal information for the following purposes:

Public Consultation and Feedback Forms

Josephine Caring Community will often ask the public for feedback or comments on the JCC’s activities, projects, services or regulatory activities (“JCC Projects”). The information collected may contain personal information about individuals in the community, such as your name, address, contact information, and opinion about JCC’s Project that was commented on. This information is collected for the purpose of the JCC’s decision-making processes, and may be considered by the Board of Directors or by a committee of the Board of Directors, and therefore may be a part of the public record. Wherever possible, JCC shall attempt to limit the amount of personal information that is provided to the public.


We regularly advertise employment opportunities on the JCC’s Website. To apply for or inquire about a job posting, you may provide personal information such as your name, contact information and previous employment or education related information. You may also provide your résumé, cover letter or completed application form. This information is used solely for processing and responding to your application for employment or employment inquiry.

Online Payment Systems

Josephine Caring Community offers online payment transaction services to allow you to make payments online for services received with Josie’s Learning Center, The Meadows, Saratoga Transitional Rehab or The Suites.  In addition to having the ability to make online donations to JCC to continue our mission of being a caregiving community for all generations.  To pay for one of these services online, you are required to provide your name, contact information and credit card information. This information is collected so that JCC can process the transaction. You will be redirected to a secure third party service to enter your credit card information for verification and processing.

Registering or Participating in City Programs or Services

Josephine Caring Community collects information from you to register you or your family members for programs or services provided by JCC. For example, you may register in the Josie’s Learning Center or register for an eventsponsored by JCC. To register for these programs, you may need to provide your name, contact information, names of family members, dates of birth, and credit card information, in addition to the information that may be required for enrollment in the program or service. This information is collected so that JCC can register you or your family member in the JCC program or service.


There may be occasions when JCC may collect personal information for other reasons not specifically mentioned. When we do, the purpose for the collection, the authority for the collection, and who can be contacted if you have questions about the collection will be provided.

Indirect Collection of Information

You may visit the Josephine Caring Community’s Website without providing any of your personal information to JCC. However, Josephine Caring Community may automatically collect information related to the use of the JCC’s Website by using a browser tool known as a “cookie”. A cookie is generated by the JCC’s server, and is sent to your computer and stored there. These cookies contain information about your website browsing session, and are collected for remembering your information as you traverse JCC’s website. These cookies may contain information about JCC programs or services for which you are registering, and information about the products or services you are purchasing from JCC.

Josephine Caring Community uses only “session cookies” which means that the information saved in the cookie is provided to JCC only as long as you keep your browser open (in “session”). JCC does not use persistent cookies which are stored on your computer and read by the server that sent the cookie every time that you visit the website on that server. JCC does not combine the information gathered by its servers with other information in a way that could identify persons.

You may set your browser to refuse to accept cookies. Doing this may affect your ability to view certain portions of the JCC’s Website or use certain applications on the JCC’s website.

From time to time we may report aggregated demographic information in the form of reports or statistics, but this information is not linked to any other information that could be used to identify a person.

Further Communication Arising from Information Provided

You will not receive phone calls, correspondence or emails from Josephine Caring Community because of visiting the JCC’s website, unless you have indicated that you would like to be contacted by Josephine Caring Community or your request implicitly requires a response.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Your information may be shared between JCC staff and Board of Directors only where that information is necessary for the performance of their duties.

Josephine Caring Community will not disclose your information to a third party except where provided by this Privacy Policy or in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. M.56 or other applicable law.

Disclosure to Service Providers

Certain personal information may be disclosed to third parties retained by Josephine Caring Community to provide services to JCC.

Disclosure for Legal or Law Enforcement Purposes

Josephine Caring Community may provide your personal information in response to a search warrant, order, other legal inquiry or in response to an investigation by law enforcement. JCC may also disclose information for the purposes of making or defending a legal claim, responding to a complaint, or as otherwise permitted by law.

Access to your Information

You have the right to access and correct inaccuracies in your information in our custody and control, subject to certain exceptions.

Retention of Information

Josephine Caring Community will retain the information in accordance with the JCC’s Records Retention Policy. The Records Retention Policy may be viewed on an annual basis.

Security of Information

Josephine Caring Community maintains your information in secure data storage to protect it from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Because transfer of information over the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be secure, JCC does not guarantee, represent or warrant that personal information will be protected against loss, misuse, unauthorized use or alteration. Furthermore, JCC does not accept any liability for information that you have submitted or for the use, misuse or unauthorized use of your information by you or any third party. JCC uses SSL encryption technology to protect personal information during transmission. Credit Card information is entered through a secure third party website that processes the transaction and returns the information to Josephine Caring Community.

Links to Other Websites

Josephine Caring Community’s Website includes links to websites that are not affiliated with JCC, and over which JCC has no control. These links are provided as a courtesy to the public and JCC has no responsibility or liability for the way that the third parties operate their websites, the content of the websites or how or if the organizations collect, use, disclose or otherwise manage your information. You may want to review that website’s privacy policy to decide whether you want to proceed with visiting that website.

Questions Regarding this Policy and Contact Information

If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact the Community Relations Director at 360-386-3112.

Changes to this Policy

Josephine Caring Community reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement from time to time. At such time, notification of such changes will be posted along with the latest version of this Policy.