This is a picture with a message which resonates deeply here at Josephine. As the years pass for all of us with loves and losses, this photo embodies the generations of life while understanding that we really see ourselves as still forever young.
Josephine is a unique environment in which community comes together. Children in childcare programs grow up and become staff. Staff become family members with their loved ones residing in the facility. And as years continue to pass by, staff become residents.
Josephine truly is a caregiving community for all generations.
Thank you to the staff at Josephine each day for supporting the vision “To be the community of choice where no one is left uncared for”.

When caring for residents holistically, we help them to reflect and reminisce on all of their amazing accomplishments and life achievements. The nursing staff strives to know each resident individually and create a personalized plan of care.
When we understand the person’s past, we are able understand how they associate different situations. This understanding then allows the staff to support and assist the resident through their care needs.
The nursing staff here at Josephine is so honored to be able to provide this care to each and every one of our residents.
Alisha Hanson, RN
Director of Nursing Services