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Article in Sunshine Times from Josie’s Learning Center

   Making Gray and “Blah” Weather Fun!

Even though spring is just a few weeks away, the weather in the Pacific Northwest doesn’t always seem to show it. Rain, clouds, lots of wind and gray skies seem to stick around even after spring has sprung. So what can families do to keep the cold and “blahs” at bay while we wait?

 Bake or cook together: Cooking and baking is a great way to get the family together for a few hours. Both of these activities also open up the door for parents to have some great conversations with their children that introduce rich concepts such as math and science (mixing, pouring, measuring, liquid densities,) and opportunities for younger children to learn some independence and fine motor skills. For older children, time spent together is a chance to talk about peer pressure, social issues, academic successes or struggles, likes and dislikes. Not to mention, there is a delicious outcome in the end that the family can enjoy together!
 Build a fort: Chairs, blankets, sheets, cushions and other furniture are great items to turn your living room into a neat hideaway. Children can color pictures to add décor to their space, hang fairy lights for added magic, and add pillows and blankets inside for extra coziness.
 Play a board game: Board games seem to be exploding in popularity lately with games made for every age and every topic imaginable. Old standbys like Uno and Crazy 8’s help teach number and color recognition (just be nice and go easy on the “skip” cards,) while newer games like Spot It and Suspend have elements that appeal to all ages and developments.

Breanne Desmarais
Staff Development-Josie’s Learning Center