“A whole new world (Don’t you dare close your eyes).  A hundred thousand things to see (Hold your breath, it gets better).” – Lyrics from Disney’s Aladdin

There is something about getting a package in the mail that makes it feel a little bit like Christmas.

For the residents here at Josephine though, Christmas will come again in the Spring.  Shannon Terpak in Activities received a grant that allowed her to purchase not one but TWO Trishaws!  (If you’ve never heard of a Trishaw, think rickshaw but with the cart on the front of the bike instead of the back.)

These amazing Trishaws will open up a whole new world of possibilities for our residents.  Starting when the weather gets a little nice, the Activity staff will be able to take a wheelchair bound resident, load them onto the Trishaw (wheelchair and all) and literally ride the bike wherever their heart desires…ok within reason.  The Trishaws are even electric so its not a strain on the person peddling.

Why do I call this a whole new world then?  So many of our residents haven’t been on a bike ride since they were young (some maybe never) so the opportunity to take them on rides through town to see the sights, get coffee or simply just enjoy a breath of fresh air in the quiet of a beautiful afternoon.  While we do offer scenic drives to our residents so they can get out of the building for a bit, the Trishaws will let them live life a little more up close and personal.

We are currently looking for volunteers to be bike “drivers” so if you want to see life from a new perspective reach out to Shannon Terpak in Activities.  She is actively enlisting drivers to make sure as many residents as possible get this amazing opportunity.

Jennifer Kitchens

Customer Satisfaction Leader