Josephine Caring Community Family & Community COVID-19 Update:

This Covid-19 virus is very sneaky.   A person can have no symptoms and be infected and contagious.  We found that many of our residents that tested positive did not have an elevated temperature and very light respiratory symptoms, much like a common cold.

Please be sure to follow CDC and Health Department guidelines.  Stay 6 feet away from others.  Don’t meet in groups.  Wash your hands.


We would like to thank the following for supporting Josephine Caring Community.

Stanwood Four Square Church – dropped off candy bars, cookies etc.

Bean & Brew HWY 532 – dropped off 170 lattes and drip coffee for our staff (to make them smile 😊)

All Things New Cleaning Stanwood – in conjunction with Bean & Brew dropped off donuts with the coffee.

Kerry Hartjen a family of a resident dropped off cookies to our night staff.

An 8-year-old community member has been working with the Stanwood school age kids and delivered pictures, notes, and short stories to our residents, it sounds like we will be receiving these quite often in the mail.

These businesses donated dust masks, 600 in total!

Gerber Auto Body

Dick Bartlett of Industrial Marine Supply

Steve Wesley of West Weld

City of Stanwood


Centers for Disease Control (CDC) presented new guidelines for extending the life of Personal Protective Equipment. An example is the use of reusable safety goggles with specific sanitizing instructions of course.  And the use of washable gowns with washing and sanitizing guidelines.  We very much appreciate the CDC for their action. Getting enough PPE in the building has been a struggle and these new guidelines are very helpful in assisting us in providing care.


Good news!  CDC has found a couple of labs that will send us test kits overnight.  We then overnight the samples with results returning in 24 to 72 hours.

We contacted a lab today and will have more test kits tomorrow.


Here is where we are today:

  1. We still have residents in isolation.
  2. We still are under lock down. Thank you for being patient.  I know it is hard.
  3. We have temporarily increased all staff member’s wages and offering a bonus for picking up extra care giver shifts.
  4. Staff member are provided childcare.
  5. We started providing childcare for Healthcare workers and First responders. Childcare is provided in a separate building from the nursing home.



Terry Robertson, CEO