COVID 19 Update: 03/01/2022

Josephine Caring Community has a change to our COVID status.  If your loved one was directly affected, you would already have been notified by the case manager.  We have 6 additional positive residents. We have 3 staff members that are COVID Positive. There is 1 staff member experiencing respiratory symptoms. Currently, we are continuing to hold group dining, and group activities.  Since the start of the outbreak, we have had a total of 39 positive staff members and 10 positive residents. If you have questions, please contact your loved one’s case manager.

We are currently experiencing COVID outbreak now effecting resident’s mostly on our west 1 unit.  Please wear your masks and eye protection when visiting. Please do not visit if you are sick, if you have had a COVID infection or have been exposed to COVID please wait 10 days before visiting