Where children blossom.

Nurturing each child’s potential is at the heart of the Josie‘s Learning Center commitment. Caring for our community’s children creates a bright future for everyone.

The Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program (ECEAP) at Josie’s Learning Center is a cooperative preschool enriched through active parent and family involvement. Sponsored by Snohomish County, ECEAP offers four year olds a wide variety of educational experiences, engaging activities, health and nutrition screening, and family support. Designed to enhance the development of children to assure a successful kindergarten experience, ECEAP is available at no cost to income-qualifying families.

Montessori for ages 3 to 6. Children are natural learners. Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) pioneered a learning model that cultivates children’s innate curiosity, creativity and intellectual growth. Each child proceeds at his/her own pace and develops skills for independence and academic knowledge. Practical life and social skills, language, mathematics, sensorial and cultural subjects are all explored in a learning environment that guides, nurtures, and enriches the individual child. We offer 2, 3 and 5-day preschool classes for children ages 3-6 years. Classes run from 9 am to 3 pm, with wrap-around care also available.

Before & After School to age 12. Early and later Center hours (5:30 am to 6:30 pm) assure children have a safe, dynamic place to continue their learning and recreational development. Indoor and outdoor play areas, field trips, and art, eco-science, and other creative activities enhance social skills as well as intellectual and emotional development.