Get Involved

Josephine has been an ever growing, ever changing, successful ministry serving thousands of individuals and families since 1908. We have done so by maintaining a focus on our reason for being, our mission, our vision, and our values.  Supporting our residents, children and our community is a large part of our non-profit organization. We believe everyone has the power to make a difference when we lend a heart or a hand to support one another.

There are many ways to connect with us at Josephine.  We have volunteer opportunities such as helping with outings, reading, gift shop, arts and crafts, one-on-one visits, music, sports activities, or building projects. Can’t find something that interests you? Let’s work backwards– what are your interests and passions? If you can offer your gifts, with the 200+ residents we have at Josephine, we are bound to have residents who might be interested– and may not even know yet that they are interested. We invite you to try it and find out.