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Jospehine Sundays

Josephine is sincerely grateful for our partner church support– and we would love a chance to come out on a Sunday to connect and express that appreciation. With 18 partner churches, let’s set up at least once a year for Josephine to express that gratitude with your congregation. Pr. Andy is available to preach, lead worship, do a temple talk, lead a Bible Study, do an adult forum, provide goodies at your coffee hour, or share in any other way you might think would be helpful. Contact us to schedule a Josephine Sunday!

Adult Forums

Pr. Andy would be able to lead an adult forum in a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • “Josephine Caring Community– a History & Overview”
  • “A Person-Centered Approach to Dementia Care”
  • “The Forgiving and The Forgetting: Hope and Healing for Alzheimer’s” – DVD & Discussion
  • “Facing Loneliness”
  • “Music & Memory: Alive Inside”
  • “Focussing on Assets”
  • “The Gospel According to Seinfeld”

Have another idea for a good topic? Let us know and let’s be creative. Pr. Andy can access a whole range of people at Josephine with various gifts to share!

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