Bulletin Helps

Looking for some bulletin tidbits about Josephine? Feel free to use these or make up your own and put one in the bulletin each week:
  • Josephine Caring Community would love your help volunteering! Talk to (delegate #1 name) or (delegate #2 name) for more information. Also check out www.josephinecc.com/volunteer
  • Did you know that Josephine Caring Community is not just a nursing home? They also have assisted living, transitional rehabilitation, childcare, and soon to be in-home health care.
  • Josephine offers a variety of living opportunities. The Suites Assisted Living rooms range from private studios to two-bedroom apartments. The Meadows Nursing Home offers single rooms and shared doubles. A separate Memory Care wing has 8 shared doubles.
  • The Josephine Saratoga Transitional Rehabilitation is often a welcome transition from hospital care to home.
  • The Josephine Saratoga Transitional Rehabilitation also offers speech and swallowing therapy.
  • Think about offering things you’re passionate about at Josephine! Teach an art class, lead a knitting group, read a book to someone, provide some entertainment at social hour, etc., the opportunities are endless and can really offer a wonderful quality of life. Call 360.629.2126 and talk to the Activities Director to help or see your JCC delegates (delegate #1 name) or (delegate #2 name) for more information.
  • Please keep Josephine Caring Community in your prayers today- for their ministry faithful to your gospel call, for their attempts to be good stewards of God’s gifts, and for their walk to accomplish future goals.
  • Do you need rehab after surgery? Come to Josephine’s Saratoga Transitional Rehabilitation– it’s easier to drive to Stanwood than to Everett or Seattle.
  • Josephine’s Saratoga Transitional Rehabilitation offers therapy to get people mobile again.
  • “Josephine is a care community for all generations.” Childcare classrooms are spread throughout the building to increase intergenerational interaction.
  • Chaplain Andy is a full-time chaplain at Josephine Caring Community– offering weekly worship services and Bible studies, pastoral care, and intergenerational opportunities.
  • Did you know Josephine holds Family Nights especially because they want they want to give residents the opportunities to eat with their families even though they are not very mobile anymore?
  • Josephine will soon be offering home health care! Call 360.629.2126 for more information.
  • Josephine helps congregations establish Care Teams so that you can better help care for your congregational members.
  • Each fall, Josephine enters a team in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Go to the Josephine website to sign up or talk to your delegates for more information.
  • Josephine is the 2nd largest employer in Stanwood.
  • Josephine cares for over 200 children in a combination of daycare, preschool, kindergarten, and afterschool programs. Josephine also offers an Early Childhood Early Assistance Program (ECEAP) program for low income families.