We have been working diligently on testing every resident and staff every week for the last three weeks due to the spike in community cases in Snohomish County. We have thirty-three new positive cases this week.  There has been a total of fifty-three positive residents since October 28th  There are 2 residents in the hospital.  Seven residents have recovered.  We are hoping that another ten residents will have recovered in the next few days.  Most residents are showing mild symptoms or no symptoms.  Very few residents have presented with significant illness.  There have been thirty-nine positive staff members. Those staff members have been asked to quarantine at home.   Eleven staff members have returned to work.   We are on track for another ten staff to return to work by Monday the 16th.

There are two residents in the Suites and one staff member who have tested positive.  All Suites staff were tested last week.  All residents were tested last week and we are still waiting on results.

We do not have any staff or clients in Josephine At Home, home health care, who have symptoms or tested positive.

We are working closely with the Department of Health, our medical director and have consulted with an infectious disease doctor to review and revise infection control protocols.   We continue to be diligent with use of personal protective equipment, hand washing and masking.  Unfortunately, we are not accepting visitors at this time.   There are no resident group activities or dining.

We strongly encourage everyone to mask up when near other people.   Always follow good safe distancing practice.  Wash your hands or use sanitizer often and refrain from meeting in groups, especially inside.  And don’t touch your face.  The less of this COVID 19 we have in our community the better chance we have of keeping it away from our vulnerable residents.