Bulletin Helps

Bulletin Helps Looking for some bulletin tidbits about Josephine? Feel free to use these or make up your own and put one in the bulletin each week: Josephine Caring Community would love your help volunteering! Talk to (delegate #1 name) or (delegate #2 name) for more information. Also check out www.josephinecc.com/volunteer Did you know [...]

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Gathering Delegates

Our Delegates will gather next... March 7, 2020 - 9:00-10:30 a.m. This Quarter's Focus: Time with our Board of Directors 2019-20 Quarterly Gatherings... (DONE) May 13, 2019 - 10:00-11:30a - Monday morning Delegate Orientation Focus: What does it mean to be a Josephine Delegate? (DONE) August 6, 2019 - [...]

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Partner Church Covenant

Covenanting with our partners... The relationship that Josephine has with its Partner/Member Congregations is very valuable.  Josephine does not see its ministry as a lone ranger but as a ministry of the church- just as the original donation from John Halls to begin Josephine was intended.  The next question might then be: "How shall we [...]

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Delegate Guidelines

What does it mean to be a Josephine Delegate? You may have heard that Josephine delegates get an amazing dinner at the Annual Meeting each year.  However true that might be, we also think that being a delegate can be much more meaningful than that.  Let's start with these guidelines that might give you an [...]

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Delegates Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for offering your time, energy, and heart to Josephine's partnership with your congregation.  We hope this page is helpful in our continued partnership together! New delegate to Josephine?  Here's quick video to orient you...



Articles... CEO's Article Archive... Chaplain Andy's Article Archive... Connecting with you by visiting... Jospehine Sundays Josephine is sincerely grateful for our partner church support-- and we would love a chance to come out on a Sunday to connect and express [...]

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