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Sunshine Time Article – Alisha Hanson, RN Feb.-March 2019

This is a picture with a message which resonates deeply here at Josephine. As the years pass for all of us with loves and losses, this photo embodies the generations of life while understanding that we really see ourselves as still forever young. Josephine is a unique environment in which community comes together. Children in [...]

Finding Life – Chaplain Andy Sunshine Times Article Feb.-March 2019

A man came into the my office the other day and asked me a serious question: “Why did God create evil?“ I love it when people ask me questions because it allows my responses might be relevant to at least someone. I’d like to share my response here because I suspect that other people might [...]

Jan. 2019 Staff Awards

Staff Awards Jan. 2019  Rebecca Pedersen - Customer Service Award - Jan. 2019 Becky treats me with respect and does my showers the way I want done... Becky is loved by residents and a quiet, calm & comforting caregiver! Thank you for your hard work! Kathy Lapiers - Teamwork [...]