Save the Date @ Josephine…!

Dear Partners in Christ,

Let me draw your attention to a new section that we added to our website (  We now have an “Events” section that intends to keep folks informed of events that are significant to life here at Josephine Caring Community.  I invite you to check it out and participate in the event there with us!  One of those events, I would like to highlight to you right now so that you can get in on your calendar early:

The Josephine Caring Community Annual Picnic & BBQ

July 19, 2019 (4p-7p)

Yes, mark it down right now and make arrangements to join us.  It is always loads of fun to celebrate our communal relationships together.  There will be food, a bouncy house, face painting, vender booths, a beer garden, and music!

Let me also mention why this is particularly important to me.  The model of our denominational tie has always been that we are better as church/ministry/mission when we are church/ministry/mission together.  Josephine might be able to do this ministry alone but Josephine believes that it is better together with others— we are better in community— important enough that it made it into our name and in our mission statement.  This picnic and bbq helps us explore and live into that mission.  It is certainly not the only way that we explore and live into it— but it is certainly one way.  So, we invite you to join us and to check out our website for other ways in which to engage in our ministry and the ministry that we do here on your behalf.  Blessings, my friends in Christ!

Warmly, Chaplain Andy