Weekly Update 9/8/2020

Weekly update in regards to COVID in our Skilled Nursing Side of the Facility:

We continue to be COVID 19 free.

Weekly Update 9/1/2020

Weekly Update in regard to COVID in our Skilled Nursing Side of the Facility.

We continue to be COVID 19 free.

We currently have 3 or more residents and staff with respiratory symptoms, that we are monitoring.

Weekly Update 8/25/2020:

Weekly Update in regard to COVID in our Skilled Nursing Side of the Facility.

We continue to be COVID 19 free.

We currently have 3 or more residents and staff with respiratory symptoms, that we are monitoring.

Update: Governor Inslee has announced a Safe Start 4-phase program for long-term care facilities to offer restricted visitation and other activities.  You may read the announcement here:  https://www.governor.wa.gov/news-media/inslee-announces-guidance-long-term-care-facilities

Josephine Caring Community is now preparing for Phase 1, which allows for supervised outdoor visits.  We will follow a strict protocol of screening and sanitation measures to ensure the safety of our residents, families and staff.

While, we look forward to your visit, there are some restrictions you need to be aware of:

  • Outdoor visits must be scheduled ahead of time through the Activities Department. Please call (360) 629-2126 and ask to speak to activities regarding an outdoor visit.
  • All visits must take place outdoors, in the specific location determined ahead of time by the Activity Department. (No window visits, no front lobby visits, etc.…)
  • To reduce exposure, we are limited to; 2 visitors, per resident, per visit, per day.
  • To help us accommodate everyone eager to visit their loved one, please restrict your visit to one hour, maximum.
  • We ask that all visitors sign-in, provide contact information, and be screened for symptoms of illness prior to the visit. (Visitors with symptoms of illness will be asked to postpone their visit.)
  • Visitors must wash their hands-on arrival, wear a mask, and remain a minimum of 6 feet apart – physical contact is not permitted at this time.
  • Residents who are ill or who are on quarantine precautions are not eligible for visits until they are no longer infectious or off precautions.
  • All visits must be supervised by Josephine Staff.

We understand these restrictions are challenging. Please be patient with us as we ease into this Safe Start, 4-phase program. We are counting on everyone to help make the outdoor visitation program a success!

If you are unable to visit in person, we encourage you to stay in touch in other ways.  Phone calls, Zoom, cards and small individually wrapped gifts really lift spirits during this time of quarantine.

The residents, families and staff of Josephine Caring Community grieve for those lost to COVID 19 and look to the days ahead as a time to heal together. We are so grateful to the many families and friends whose love and support has been a bright spot during this challenging time.

COVID-19 Updates

Help Keep our Residents Safe from COVID-19. We are committed to keeping our residents safe and we need your help. The virus causing Coronavirus (COVID-19) can cause outbreaks in nursing homes. Many of our residents are elderly and may have medical conditions placing them at very high risk of becoming sick or even severely ill with COVID-19. Visitors and healthcare personnel are the most likely sources of introduction of the COVID-19 virus into a facility
To protect our vulnerable residents, we are immediately taking the following aggressive actions to reduce the risk of COVID-I9 for residents and staff:
1. Visitation is restricted

All visitation is restricted except for certain compassionate care situations, such as end of life situations. These visitors will first be screened for fever and respiratory symptoms. We know that your presence is important for your loved one but per guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this is a necessary action to protect their health. We are introducing alternate methods of visitation (such as Skype and FaceTime) so that you can continue to communicate with your loved ones. Visitors who are permitted to enter the building will be required to frequently clean their hands, limit the visit to a designated area within the building and wear a facemask. As the situation with COVID-19 is rapidly changing, we will continue to keep you updated.

Please see above paragraph for Phase 1. We are allowing supervised, scheduled, outdoor visits, for residents that are not on quarantine precautions.

2. We are monitoring healthcare personnel and residents for symptoms of respiratory illness.

Non-essential healthcare personnel and volunteers are now restricted from entering the facility.

Healthcare personnel will be actively monitored for fever and symptoms of respiratory infection. Healthcare personnel will be asked to stay home, if they have signs or symptoms. You may see healthcare personnel wearing facemasks, eye protection, gowns and gloves in order to prevent germs from spreading and helping to keep residents safe. Healthcare personnel will clean their hands frequently.
We are assessing residents daily for fever and symptoms of respiratory infection in order to quickly identify ill residents and implement additional infection control activities. When ill residents are identified they will be monitored closely and asked to remain in their rooms or wear a mask.

3. We are limiting activities within the facility.

We are modifying group activities within the building and cancelling all community outings. We will be helping residents practice social distancing including during meals and frequently clean their hands.

We encourage you to review the CDC website for information about COVID-19 including its symptoms, how it spreads, and actions you can take to protect your health:

https: //www. cdc. gov/coronavirusl2Al9-ncov/index. htm I

Thank you very much for everything you are doing to keep our residents and facility staff safe and healthy. We continue to monitor the situation in our community, and we will keep you informed about any new precautions we think are necessary to keep your loved one safe.

Please contact us should you have any additional questions.

George Friou Administrator
Alisha Hanson Director of Nursing